3rd wave liberal feminism capes…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

3rd wave liberal feminism capes for patriarchal capitalism
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It’s a sad day when social conservatives get feminism better than feminists do. He’s right about the fight for bodily autonomy having disintegrated into an incoherent sexual libertarianism that ultimately works to erode women’s boundaries.

The danger of this argument coming from conservatives is that their solution to the problem relies on upholding a worldview which keeps women subject to men.

Nobody saw this more clearly than Dworkin, who pointed out that on the right, women are the private property of men, and on the left, they are the public property of men. Viz. porn, prostitution, surrogacy, transactivism – all expressions of extreme misogyny.

Transactivism is perhaps the most sexist and regressive of the lot, as it says that even our existence as women is men’s property. They can decide to be us, and we are supposed to roll over and agree to be redefined.

A liberatory feminism is one which seeks to build a world in which we are not men’s property at all. Abigail Bray, in Misogyny Reloaded, pointed out that feminism would have won when single motherhood was easy (as far as motherhood can be) and socially supported. She was right.

We can’t stop women calling their ‘choice’ of bondage feminist, but we should stop pretending that 3rd wave postmodern ‘feminism’ is anything of the sort. Constantly performing for the male gaze (of any passing male) is the opposite of feminist.

Having to sell your sexuality or reproductive capability to survive, and being told it’s a sane economic choice, is a revolting violation of women’s human rights. It is the polar opposite of feminism. Being a wife and mother is a huge improvement on this.

A few privileged liberal women getting good jobs or positions in the corridors of power does not make up for the legions of women who are economically and sexually oppressed and do not even have a stable family as a fall-back.

Freeing women from the bondage of the patriarchal family so that they can become sex slaves in patriarchal capitalism is hardly a victory. The second wavers confronted the family, the economic system, patriarchal religion and the way it informed culture. A renewed radical…

..feminism needs to do the same, and come up with alternatives that do not replicate old patterns of injustice and oppression. Otherwise we will end up agreeing with social conservatives that we were better off in the home.

Feminism must be revolutionary. It has to end patriarchy, not just change women’s roles within it. Otherwise we will achieve nothing more than the sort of travesty this article is about, where women can choose between being the property of one man or the property of all men.