A generalisation: Dudebros see transwomen…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

A generalisation: Dudebros see transwomen as sufficiently different from them to want to push them away and into the woman box – while staying woke. They don’t really see women clearly, just as a feminine cardboard cutout.

The difference to them is based on gender presentation – if transwomen look and behave like women on the surface then they must be women. If they want to be women, then dudebros will support them, without acknowledging that they are propping up a male desire for validation.

They don’t have to confront their own angst about masculinity this way. Grow a trendy hipster beard, be a SJW, shout “trans women are women” and they can hang onto their own toxic masculinity without confronting it.

They don’t have to face the fact that they are supporting male rights over women’s rights either, because they’ve decided to maintain the fiction that transwomen are really female. A male body is an inconvenience which will disappear in a piece of postmodern word-wizardry.

A woman, then, is whatever men say it is.

Meanwhile, women, who live our biological realities every day, look across the gulf between male and female and see both the dudebros and the transwomen on the other side – more similar than different, and unambiguously male.

We don’t even see our “gender”. The presentation we are forced into is also the mask we are made to wear for the outside world. It has less than nothing to do with our lived reality as females, or the inner world which grows from our experience. It is outward-facing.

The similarities between us and transwomen which seem so obvious to the dudebro are non-existent to us. We live with female bodies and the experiences which go with those. We are appalled at the willingness to violate us, put us at risk, refuse us even a modicum of privacy.

And this infuriates them. We should think what they tell us to think, because otherwise we are inconvenient women. We are supposed to fit into gender boxes so they can assume an ability to understand us which doesn’t exist.

So what we can see as well as the #brosb4hoes mentality, is how completely invisible we still are to most men, how little they understand about us, how unwilling they are to make the effort to understand our point of view.

Because if they understand us, they will also have to understand what they do to us, and that would destroy the world. We must suppress everything that makes us people, so that men are not made uncomfortable.

This is what misogyny looks like.
Welcome to the 1950’s, c. 2018

Two pictures. One represents the reduction of women to a gender stereotype, and the other the gulf between men’s view of reality and ours.