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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

I want to do a thread about public toilets for women.

All this “gender is between your ears, not between your legs” stuff is very lofty and admirable and noble. But as a woman, I want a loo that is *based* on what’s between my legs, in fact on what internal organs I have.

We wee. We have to get partially undressed and sit down to do this. We menstruate. Sometimes we get caught out with a gushing start. We need to change pads and tampons. Sometimes we need to borrow one from another woman.

Quite often we have to wash bloody hands and underwear too. Some women miscarry in loos. That’s even more blood. They need privacy and the help and understanding of other women, not males trying to take upskirt pictures.

We comfort friends (and strangers), hold drunks while they puke, tidy them up and protect them from predators. If one woman is in there because she thinks she’s in danger from a man, another one will nip out and call the cops.

We manage 2 or 3 small children in there, or Incontinent Grandma Who Swears. There’s nothing in a women’s loo to make it illegitimate for Muslim women, say, or Orthodox Jews. Because it’s just other women, dealing with our genitals. Which is what loos are there for. Genitals.

What we don’t want in our loos is penises. Because people with penises violate our privacy and make us unsafe. They’re the ones who are the voyeurs, exhibitionists and, in the worst case, rapists. Even if they behave, they make us uncomfortable, and are unwelcome.


‘Gender-neutral’ toilets don’t work for us. That’s because they’re mixed-sex. Sex – the bodily characteristic that gives us two distinct sets of genitals – matters to women. Strange that people claiming to be women don’t realise that.

If your sense of gender is so lofty that you’ve transcended all this messy bodily stuff, good for you. We haven’t, and we want our bodies catered for. That is not going to change as long as male and female bodies exist.

If it’s so unimportant to you in the first place, if we’re just a bunch of ‘genital fetishists’, then why do you place such importance on access to our spaces in the first place? Why does it matter?
Oh, wait…