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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

It should not be criminal or even offensive to draw a line between respecting someone’s beliefs and being made to pretend to accept the content of those beliefs.

I’m opposed to patriarchal religion. Generally if people’s beliefs are important to them I let them be. Where I get very nasty is when they try to impose their beliefs on women via legislation. That’s war.

I think transwomen are males who are dysphoric, who need to live as women as far as possible to ease their dysphoria, who may come to see themselves as women in some sense.

I can’t see any reason for society not to accommodate this, again as far as possible. I can’t see any reason to be unnecessarily rude.

What I will not do is accede to a demand that *I* pretend to believe that a transwoman is a woman. That would be caving to theocracy. None of us should tolerate this.

In particular, it is unacceptable to demand that women, who have been oppressed by men for millennia, should have to change our language and the definition of our legal category to be ‘inclusive’ of males.

Because the change demanded is not to give transwomen rights or facilities. It’s not all or nothing. It’s perfectly possible to meet everyone’s practical needs without dismantling women’s protections.

The change demanded is so that transwomen never have to be confronted with having been born male. Women are required to provide validation by dropping every boundary we set with males.

We are required to do this at the expense of our rights, our political and legal representation, our sports, our privacy and safety, even our definition as a social category of people, to make transwomen feel good.

We are supposed to pretend that the aspects of our experience which lead to our oppression – our bodies, our sexual and reproductive capacity – are irrelevant to us, because transwomen can’t share them.

We are supposed to pretend that superficial stereotypes, not bodies, define us, because the stereotype is what transwomen see when they look at us, and what they can try to emulate.

This is fucking outrageous. In terms of what it makes us pretend, it’s fascist and Orwellian. In terms of what we are expected to give up, it sets our rights back by a century.

The silencing of feminists by activists and misogynist companies like Twitter makes it clear that they *know* this is outrageous. And they’re going to force us to accept it anyway.

Well, I think they’re in for a surprise.