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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

No, we can’t just skip it, because they’re not comparable at all and this is gaslighting.

Gay people sought the right to love whoever they wanted, not infringe on other people’s group rights. The analog for transgenderism is Rachel Dolezal, not gay rights.

If black people have a say in whether Rachel Dolezal is black, then women have a say in whether transwomen are women. It’s our spaces, sports, political representation that you’re demanding access to. That’s up to us.

Overriding our rights, spaces, sports, political lists, and safeguarding, all of which exist to create space free of males for us, is misogyny. Taking our word away and making sex-based oppression unsayable is extreme misogyny.

Being homosexual was treated as a mental illness, but you can spend your life as a gay person without ever taking an aspirin. Being trans makes you a lifelong patient, with hormones, surgery, and a host of as yet poorly understood complications.

Saying trans isn’t a disorder because being gay isn’t a disorder is a false analogy given the radically different life path it results in. Maybe the best route for trans people *is* in understanding it as a disorder.

Gay conversion therapy usually targets children and young people and tries to prevent their orientation from emerging, because it doesn’t fit a regressive, stereotyped view of how the sexes should behave.

Gender dysphoria in children isn’t an analog, and gender identity in children should not get the same protection as orientation. Given the life-altering consequences of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, children should be given every chance to desist and be GNC.

When the evidence suggests that most of those children *will* desist spontaneously and end up as gay adults, then transing children *is* gay conversion therapy. It applies the same set of gendered stereotypes to GNC children that the right insists on.

So “they” are indeed “coming for our children”.

Give children every chance to desist and permit transitioning only for adults.

Finally, transactivism is not aligned with gay rights. It opposes them. By treating same-sex orientation as transphobic and demanding attraction to ‘gender’, it coerces gay people, especially lesbians, into straight sex. It’s homophobia.

This is a false, gaslighting analogy designed to cover up the fact that transactivism is the misogyny and homophobia of the woke left. It’s a far better fit for the religious right than for any progressive movement.

Giving trans people space in society cannot come at the expense of women’s rights and gay rights. But currently that’s what’s happening, because of a cabal of activists who demand complete conflation with the opposite sex.

Tranactivists are not demanding rights. They’re demanding extraordinary privileges at the expense of other groups. Which isn’t surprising, seeing that most of them are men.

Trying to draw an analogy between the two movements like this is a propaganda technique called transfer.

It i.a. makes you feel that you are as bad as a homophobe if you don’t support trans demands, although they are not analogous.

And here’s the always excellent @janeclarejones weighing in on the same video with far more skill than I can muster: