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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

This is good.

My opinion is that modern transactivism has nothing to do with the struggles of transsexuals with severe dysphoria, who usually want their *genitals* changed.

It is, instead, the left’s version of a reassertion of male supremacy and heteronormativity. It doesn’t break gender roles down. It reinforces them, but goes a step further by saying that if the body doesn’t match the “gender identity”, it is the body which must change.

It should be seen as backlash to the gains in rights for women and homosexuals. It is anti-feminist and anti-gay. Women are told that, once again, we are to be defined by men. What a woman is, and what rights we may have, is defined by men.

Not only do men define us, they can now identify as us, with no physical intervention required, emptying the word woman of all meaning and making what legal protection we have null and void. This is not progressive. It is a triumph for sexism.

What is less overtly stated is that ‘woman’ is is now defined as ‘the idea of a woman in the mind of a man who wishes to be one’. Woman is being injuriously redefined to avoid all mention of women’s material reality, of female bodies and experiences.

The fantasy feminine stereotype that men project onto women and idealise is now being presented as the reality, while the reality of female bodies is made unmentionable and triggering.

I use the phrase ‘injuriously redefined’ because a lot of trans philosophers are on about ‘amelioratively redefining’ woman in a feat of what @Docstockk calls conceptual engineering. To which I would reply, ameliorative for whom? Men defining women is male supremacy.

Women are being obliterated. Our sex based protections are being obliterated. This is not ameliorative for me, or a girl facing her first menstruation, or a rape victim, or a Muslim woman. It is as anti-feminist as it gets. It’s the worst sexism I’ve seen in 40 years.

Protest it, though, and you get called out for ‘cis privilege’ – an egregious lie designed to position transwomen as somehow oppressed by women, although no-one is ever able to explain what resources we extract from transwomen.

In addition to this, under the guise of being ‘queer’, heterosexual sex is being enforced again. Sexual orientation requires either a male or female body as a necessary though not sufficient condition. This is no longer acceptable to the genderists.

Lesbians, always the target of male supremacists, are no longer allowed to call themselves female homosexuals or to say they are exclusively same sex attracted. They get expelled from Dick (formerly Dyke) marches for doing this

They are called ‘vagina fetishists’ and ‘transphobes’ for refusing to have sex with male transwomen. In fact this is rape culture. Conversion therapy. Homophobia. The left and LGBTQI tolerate and encourage it.

Gay men are less targeted because transmen are female, and this is primarily a straight men’s rights movement. But they’re being subjected to some of the same rhetoric. They get away with being less tolerant of it because they are male.

What is this doing in a progressive movement? I live on a continent where homosexuals are still all too often killed, where lesbians are subjected to corrective rape. Homosexuals are still fighting for their place in society. Transactivists are rolling back those gains.

Oppression is the removal of rights from one group at the expense of another group. Modern transactivism is not seeking rights for trans people. it is seeking to remove the rights of women and homosexuals, and it’s succeeding with frightening rapidity.

If you are a woman, or gay/lesbian, then it’s clear that transactivists, far from being marginalised, are emerging as a new oppressor elite. They are the authoritarian branch of the ‘tolerant’ left, the fascists in Antifa, the theocrats in a secular democracy.

They carry everything that leftwing male supremacists cannot say explicitly; the male supremacist, woman-hating, heteropatriarchal and homophobic sentiments that the left is not allowed to express explicitly. They are the mirror image of conservative religious ideologues.

They assert their dogma (trans women are women) and develop their misogynist theology from there. They claim to be progressive. Nothing could be further from the truth. The speed with which they’ve obtained power should tell you that.

A couple of drawings from other threads, showing how woman as embodied female is being obliterated

For children, this is all happening in the context of excessive media exposure via the internet, together with parody cultural stereotypes of men and women. (These are MUCH worse than when I was young).

If you are a man, you must have huge muscles, want to shoot things or chop them up (think Game of Thrones) and want sex all the time. If you are a woman, you are defined by how well you conform to hypersexualised femininity (think Kim Kardashian).

Everybody bleats about diversity in media, but nobody ever really does anything. So children are taught that a) gender is innate and b) being a man or woman depends on their performance of some ludicrous parody. Small wonder so many are dysphoric / claiming to be NB.

Certainly it’s fashionable for middle class kids to claim unusual gender identities as well. But that this is being medicalised is a crime against them, when what adults should be saying is: there are 3.5 billion ways to be a woman, and about the same number of ways to be a man.

Attack the stereotype instead of reifying it.