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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

We’re in an era of unparalleled misogyny. Men are doubling down on supporting violence against women just for saying we need our own spaces. Our privacy and safety concerns are being overridden as though violence against women was just part of life…

..We thought we’d made a lot of social progress in the last 100 years, but it’s clear that it’s being stripped away, and that the people doing this know exactly what they’re doing. Toilets for women are the focus of Indian feminism at the moment, so Indian women can pee..

..if they have the temerity to want to go out in public. Just like we could. We were foolish enough to think our gains were safe. They weren’t. Perhaps we took up too much space in the public sphere. Perhaps we threatened the Men In Charge.

It’s extremely depressing to realise how much we are losing, and how many men would delight in forcing us out of public life and back into the home. It’s extremely depressing to realise that there has never been any real acceptance of us as full members of society..

Carol Pateman’s book “The Sexual Contract” made this very clear – it’s a great read. We’ve never had a say in the way society works, and we’re now being pushed off the gains we’ve made, losing the voice we thought we had. They were never going to let us in.

When you’re beaten politically, you’re beaten. It’s hard to face being hated this much, but that’s what women have to accept, take on board, and live with. The knowledge that men will give us nothing more than crumbs, and take them away again at the drop of a hat. Depressing.

So rather than dwell on this, I thought I’d accept a fait accompli, and comfort and distract myself by contemplating one of my favourite feminine hobbies instead, which I started aged about 14 when my peers were learning to apply mascara, and which became a second part-time hat.

Perhaps it’s something I could take up again if I can no longer go out safely in public. Hmmmm. It’s not quite cross-stitching, but you can’t have everything. Perhaps I could do a thread about it as a nice change…

Here’s my hobby thread:

Perhaps it’s time to get back into training one of these. I could get a pup and call her Loo Loo.

What suitable hobbies do other women have that could comfort and distract us in our time of trial? Millinery, perhaps? Those Edwardian hatpins were quite something!

And please do have a look at my hobby thread. I think you’ll get the point..