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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

With all due respect to the younger women warriors emerging, I would say feminism has been co-opted and in decline for some years now, hence the focus on prioritising males when women are not even close to liberation. Women’s rights are going backward in the west as a result. /1

What has ‘choice’, ‘inclusive’, ‘sex-positive’ feminism achieved by allowing males in? Porn – the sexual humiliation and torture of women for men’s sexual gratification – is mainstream and treated as ‘choice’. By feminists. This is a travesty. /2

Prostitution – even more so. That most women are pimped, coerced, sexually abused as children, and once in the industry suffer combat-level rates of PTSD, extreme violence and murder, is also their ‘choice’, because one or two trendy high-status liberal ‘sex workers’ say so. /3

Meanwhile the right wing work to undo women’s few reproductive rights, the best feminists can do is a few legal challenges in a male system, and full reproductive justice is further away than ever. /4

Gender roles have become more ferocious than ever. Girls are sexualised at earlier and earlier ages. Social media and the demand to look all sexed up for the boys at all times is destroying girls’ self-image and producing an epidemic of mental health issues. /5

Boys’ sexuality is being learned from porn, and 12-year-old girls are turning up with anal fissures in GP’s surgeries because this is what is now expected of them. Meanwhile genuine sexual pleasure for women is further away than ever. /6

And younger feminists’ response? Squawk with outrage when men treat you like pieces of meat – seriously, why are you surprised? Prop up your ‘choice’ to perform male fantasy for the male gaze instead of actually having sex with another person whom you love, or at least like. /7

Allow men to be feminists, and to *teach* feminism. (Are you out of your little trees? This is like inviting the Nazis to teach rabbinical studies!). Prop up gender politics instead of smashing it. Promote femininity as transgressive. /8

Open up the movement to basically anybody who wants a piece of the pie, so that feminism as a movement for women’s liberation ceases to exist, and women go back to making everybody else’s sandwiches. All in the name of ‘inclusivity’. /9

And finally, hand over womanhood to men and prioritise them as central to feminism. The cherry on the fucking top and the logical end point of a sexist take-over of the movement. /10

Here’s a test for your version of feminism. Who benefits? Cui bono? Men. Men do, while women’s rights are going backwards rapidly on your watch. That should tell you what your feminism is worth. /11

Fortunately women are fantastic, including 3rd wavers who have done nothing more than make an error of judgement. The movement is getting back on track, and warriors for women are coming back to the forefront. Transactivism has outed a lot of things. /12

It’s forced us to focus on sexism and misogyny again, and to become radical and ferocious, Positively Revolting Hags!. We won’t throw trans people under the bus, and one day we’ll thank them for revitalising feminism. But we are not backing down in the face of gender politics.