Confronting the mantra again

With the UK GRA consultation kicking off at last, Pink News have trumpeted Penny Mordaunt, the new Equalities Minister as saying “Trans women are women, that is the starting point”.

In other words, women have been obliterated right at the start of the consultation. Given Mordaunt’s commitment to listening to women’s groups during the consultation, it will be interesting to see how she manages to marry this mantra with the rights of women as a sex class. Continue reading

A very simple analogy

I’ve seen more than a few people trying to subvert criticisms of ‘biological essentialism’ and shoehorn them into trans ideology, and pretend that this somehow makes it compatible with radical feminism.  Somehow, ‘your genitals should not dictate how you get treated by society’ has been mutated into ‘your genitals don’t determine whether you’re a man or a woman’, and this eventually becomes ‘you’re obsessed with genitals’, usually in the context of men of varying genders trying to guilt lesbians into having sex with them.  Thus gender gets detached from sex, loses its connotation as a hierarchy which naturalises the oppression of females, and allows males to identify as women; and saying that sex exists and has political importance is now supposedly oppressive.

This is sexist drivel, as a simple analogy makes very clear.  Sorry, but radical feminists aren’t that stupid. Continue reading

Trans ideology

The reporting/attacking of gender-critical women is stepping up on Twitter and other platforms at the moment, I suspect because we’re again winning some space in the public eye, thanks to, amongst others, the excellent #ManFriday, and the BBC’s reporting of Twitter’s suspension of several accounts for stating biological reality – things like ‘penis is male’ are now enough to get you reported and suspended.

A few people have mentioned trans ideology, and the furious response has predictably been that there is no such thing, just a group of marginalised trans people seeking their rights and being attacked by evil terfs who hate them.

Well, I call bullshit.  There most definitely is such a thing as trans ideology (or more specifically, transgender ideology), based on an unhappy marriage of queer theory and some concepts from sexology, and the most obvious way to demonstrate it is to point out that there are many trans people who don’t adhere to it, very often older trans people and transsexuals, who are staunch feminist allies.  (The marvellous Miranda Yardley has just been banned from Twitter for fighting women’s corner as a transsexual; here’s some of her writing on trans ideology.) Continue reading

I failed the Turing Test

Update:  I have now been recognised as human again (a first for Twitter!  Women are human! Who knew!)

Their response:


Your account is now unlocked, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.
Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts and it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. This sometimes happens when an account exhibits automated behavior in violation of the Twitter Rules (

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not respond to this email as replies will not be monitored.


Twitter Support

I expect that’s just in time for me to get suspended for being gender-critical…

I have failed the Turing Test; Twitter thinks I’m a bot, not a person (which is pretty much how they think of most women, I think) and has locked my account (@radicalhag).  It will let me back in if I type in the code they will send to my UK prepaid sim card, which I threw away when I got back to South Africa.

I’ve logged a ticket and will hopefully get this resolved.  In the meantime I’m tweeting as @Women_Say_No, so please follow.


Enough already.  We give up.  TERFs are henceforth abandoning our transphobic nonsense and joining the HotP’s (Handmaidens of the Patriarchy, aka libfems).  But obviously there remains a huge transphobic group out there, which trans people have to tackle in the interests of equality – the TERMs, or Trans-Exclusionary Real Men, i.e. men who have the transphobic temerity to assert that their dicks are male sexual organs.  This must be stopped!
All such references in popular culture and medicine need to be addressed – they’re trans-misandry!!!.  You could start with Viagra ads and the entire porn industry – that should keep you busy for quite a while.
Proctologists must also offer screening services to transmen.  Whether they need them or not is irrelevant; you must validate their identities.  Men considering vasectomies must stop mentioning them as it’s trans-misandrist to transmen.  As for erectile dysfunction, don’t go there.  How dare you suggest that your ‘penis’ is in any way more male than an overdeveloped clitoris?  It is absolutely not necessary for you to have an erection for sex to take place.  Just imagine someone penetrating your soft, male vagina and float away on waves of pleasure.  Pink waves.
All casual phrases relating balls to masculinity are trans-misandrist and must be changed to include ovaries.  That would be balls/ovaries of steel, kicked in a painful portion of the male anatomy, he’s got ovaries/balls.  Dudes with balls are henceforth to be referred to as entesticled persons.
Radfems will assist in raising consciousness by briefly identifying as men (perhaps on alternate Sundays), going into men’s bathrooms and filling all the dustbins with used tampons (thanks, SR).  Obviously, any objections would be profoundly transphobic; some men menstruate.  Trans men are men.  Get over it.  (H/T to #ManFriday who are already doing this!)
And we assume that gay transmen will soon be getting together to plan their assault on the Jockstrap Ceiling.  How dare gay cis-men refuse to sleep with them?  It’s transphobic!  (Perhaps you could have your convention in a locker-room somewhere, as the trans-masculine equivalent of Planned Parenthood).
Obviously ‘all-male’ spaces must be challenged and abolished, and we expect to see crude representations of ovaries drawn in pubs, at Republican conventions, and all over the Vatican.  In any case, if Jesus was the result of a virgin birth then he had XX chromosomes, so was probably a transman.  Just like Freddie Mercury.
Rapists will have to have it explained to them that they can no longer use their penises to rape; it contributes to the transphobic notion that the penis is an instrument of male violence.  Clearly, the vagina is equally capable of being an instrument of male violence; we’re sure you’ll think of something.
We’re sure the trans lobby will deal with this as effectively as they’ve handled the TERFs.  After all, we know you’re really, really committed to equality and all that.  You wouldn’t want us to get the wrong idea and think you were just a bunch of narcissistic, misogynistic fetishists, now, would you?

Confronting the mantra

It’s been an interesting few days in the Land of Transactivism.  UK Labour have done two things which, apart from probably being illegal, are viciously and irredeemably misogynistic. Continue reading

On Science

This is a useful article on the invalidity of the criticisms of science emerging from post-modern thought.

Rational criticisms of scientific bias are reasonable and should be acknowledged.  We are just beginning to find out, for example, how much disease research has been done on male subjects, with the assumption that the findings will transfer to females.  Unsurprisingly, given our profound genetic differences, much of it doesn’t, and women have been getting a bad deal in healthcare as a result. Continue reading

We are all Winston Smith now

A contemplation of the “trans women are women” mantra from 2014, again from the excellent Culturally Bound Gender.

“I used to use “she” to describe MTF trans people.  I used to use “he” to describe FTM trans people.  I will no longer engage in this practice, except for when directly speaking to trans people who could conceivably direct violence toward me.  Make no mistake, trans folks: many people outside your movement, even the ones who nod in agreement with the statement “trans women are women,” don’t really believe it.  When they are women, they have been trained to spare your feelings and to avoid potential conflict with males—especially those who are backed up by other males with violent tendencies.  I hope your pronouns feel like a hollow victory, wrested as they have been from the mouths of women who know the wrath they face for saying any other words but the ones you told them to say.”

On shared girlhood

Another very good post from Culturally Bound Gender on the outrageous claim that women have ‘no shared girlhood’ and therefore may not organise without men:

“Women shouldn’t have to prove anything, including a “shared girlhood,” to be able to meet and organize with other female-born persons without being harassed.  The fact that liberal feminists are buying into this idea–that without a universally shared experience, it’s illogical and bigoted for a group to be able to define itself and exclude non-members–is a sign of how far feminist analysis has fallen since feminists started “doing” feminism online.

Why has this happened?  Because the internet’s the ultimate proving ground that women talk differently when they have to talk around men and be subject to men’s criticisms all the time.  The changes that have occurred to feminism since feminism became part of the blogosphere have been the exact kinds of changes you’d expect to see when women are having to do feminism in front of men. The environment that the second wave operated in was, in some ways, shitty for what it excluded, because the fact that feminist monographs, zines, and so forth were being distributed primarily among white, middle class women left a lot of women out.  However, men also basically didn’t give a fuck (except when they were reacting with horror to out of context bits of Intercourse), so women in academia were left to talk and debate about feminist issues without constant comment and intrusion from men declaring a need to be heard and dialogued with.

The internet changed all that.  Now, everything has to be released male-ready–or else.  Positions determined to be too radical are sanded down, and it’s de rigeur for third-wave feminists to angrily declare that they’re not like those other feminists who are mean and nasty to men, the man-haters, the bra-burners, the TERFs, the Andrea Dworkin, whoever’s the boogeyman identified by men in the comments sections and subreddits where women are trying to do feminism today.

So again and again, you see women taking pains not to offend any men with what they write, because we know what happens to women who write on the internet–especially, gracious me, under their own name!–and who don’t toe the party line.  Talk about sexism in video games, get rape threats.  Talk about feminism and the oppressiveness of gender roles, get rape threats.”

On fetishism

I’d forgotten how good and thought-provoking a blog called Culturally Bound Gender is.  This post discusses autogynephilia from the point of view of an ex-phone sex operator.  I can relate to this; I used to be a hotline counsellor, and we got our fair share of men phoning in to masturbate, including many who wanted validation of their femininity.  (That there were rapes, DV cases and other traumas in the call queue didn’t seem to bother them).

“When someone who idealizes women in this way transitions to living as a woman, they often talk a lot about losing privilege.  What they are actually doing is, very often, nothing of the sort.  The trans activists who started out as Silicon Valley nerdy “forever alone” types (who comprised a huge number of callers over the years!) were economically and racially privileged men, but when it came to the patriarchy, they were being shit upon by traditional masculinity.  Instead, they’re seeking to move up, not down.  They want to move into women’s spaces, where their male socialization will make it easier for them to get ahead, be assertive, and be at the top of their social hierarchy with other women talking to them and ensuring that they don’t feel lonely.  Instead of hating the gazed-upon, this kind of person decides that the only freedom from the gazer’s existential loneliness is to become the gazed-upon.  Once in the territory of the gazed-upon, the person who has been socialized as a gazer can switch at will in their relationships with women, both sexual and otherwise, a privilege not afforded to female born persons.”