When Women’s Rights Are #NotADebate

Helen Saxby has written an excellent summary of the state of play around the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, and the way that transactivists are silencing debate.

“It’s sometimes difficult to remember, amongst all the arguments, exactly what women stand to lose here. The sex category ‘female’ is being asked to absorb the sex category ‘male’. What women are being forced to accept could literally not be any more extreme.”

Read the whole thing here – it’s excellent.

We are all TERFs now

And probably non-binary too.

These days, it comes down to who owns the word ‘woman’.  It might all matter a bit less if ownership of the word did not imply access to spaces, housing, social facilities, and if the word itself didn’t say so much about personal identity.  But it does, and we are where we are. Continue reading