I failed the Turing Test

Update:  I have now been recognised as human again (a first for Twitter!  Women are human! Who knew!)

Their response:


Your account is now unlocked, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.
Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts and it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. This sometimes happens when an account exhibits automated behavior in violation of the Twitter Rules (https://twitter.com/rules).

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not respond to this email as replies will not be monitored.


Twitter Support

I expect that’s just in time for me to get suspended for being gender-critical…

I have failed the Turing Test; Twitter thinks I’m a bot, not a person (which is pretty much how they think of most women, I think) and has locked my account (@radicalhag).  It will let me back in if I type in the code they will send to my UK prepaid sim card, which I threw away when I got back to South Africa.

I’ve logged a ticket and will hopefully get this resolved.  In the meantime I’m tweeting as @Women_Say_No, so please follow.