Brilliant piece ‘“Transphobia” is now…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Brilliant piece

‘“Transphobia” is now a conduit for the hatred of women to dress itself up as principled activism.’

And a very 2nd wave thought, which is relevant to @suzanne_moore ‘s fury at the Left’s abandonment of us:

We’re *still* describing ourselves in terms of men and their fucking squabbling tribes.

Labour women. Conservative women. LibDem women.

White women. Black women.

Englishwomen. Scotswomen. South African women (which I would struggle to give up because we are HARD-ARSES!) Left wing women. Right wing women. Democrat women. Republican women. Afghan women. Korean women. Indigenous women.

Men have *always* seen us as property, or at best as adjuncts. They’ve *always* expected us to be loyal to their endless fucking causes and fights. And those stupid, stupid fights *always* spill over onto us. And divide us.

And the bizarre idpol version of intersectionality currently in vogue is basically doing the same – demanding that we treat the male tribes we’re divided into as more important than being women. They’ve even colonised feminism.

Of course we take on some part of the identity implied by those terms, of course we become loyal to those tribes, *because that is currently how the world functions*. And we’re not homogenous, and some tribes oppress other tribes – women too. We’re not angels.

But an autonomous women’s movement should *unite* us around common female experience as well, and yes, it takes different forms, but there is such a thing. We all know how we feel about what Afghan women are going through – visceral terror for them.

We’ve lost sight of the point of Dworkin’s remark about right-wing women being private property and left-wing women being right-wing property. What we should be fighting for is *not to be male property at all.*

To make our own tribe.

This is a wonderful post about the 2nd-wave concept of being woman-identified (and nothing could be further from the notion of “identifying as a woman”, btw).

Women uniting without reference to men are the most powerful political force for revolution on the planet. That’s why the 2nd-wavers are so vilified, and why so much ‘feminism’ since then has actually been about divide-and-conquer, complete with 5th column.