Queer theory is a perfect…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Queer theory is a perfect fit for vulture capitalism.
If a rule or norm constrains us from doing something, instead of respecting the norm, we claim that the norm, not our actions, are the problem. And so we justify doing whatever the hell we want.

Want to pollute a river? Claim that the rules around pollution are ‘bad for jobs’. Want to harvest people’s personal data and manipulate their behaviour for profit? Claim to be ‘connecting people’ with ‘disruptive technology’.

Want to violate women’s boundaries? Claim that ‘woman’ is just a social identity and that material bodies are social constructions.

And objecting on the grounds that the rule or norm protects something or someone vulnerable now makes you the oppressor. You construct the oppression by mentioning it.

How very convenient for predatory corporations and predatory men. And who cares about rivers, women, children.