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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

When the world works the way they want it to, men are our gaolers. They really couldn’t make it any clearer.

It’s so clear that Western ‘leaders’ knew the Taliban were going to get back into power. They thought it might take long enough for them to avoid the PR fallout, but it didn’t change their morally bankrupt calculus.

Afghan women’s freedom, such as it was, was an acceptable price to pay for getting out, saving money, and pleasing the donors back home. (I don’t think the voters matter much any more).

They’re all ‘the Taliban are quite moderate’, meaning that one group of vicious, crooked, sexist men can deal with another group of vicious, crooked, sexist men. And if women pay a terrible price, too bad.

MRA/Incels go on shooting sprees because women won’t have sex with them, and media pundits sympathise with their anomie. They ‘don’t have a role in society’ any more. What role would that be? Rapist?

A culture that thinks men should each be granted ‘a woman’ (and perhaps a car and a house too) is one which sees women as chattel, no matter what pretensions it has to the contrary.

Men’s sexual access to us is more important than our personhood. The fact that we are human with attitudes and desires of our own, is an obstacle unfairly placed between their dicks and our orifices.

As for what passes for the left, Dworkin’s dictum that we’re private property on the right and public property on the left has never been clearer. Porn, prostitution, surrogacy – we’re reduced to commodifiable body parts and functions.

Transactivism demands that all our rights be given to males who identify as us, that we be forced to validate them, and that even our language is no longer our own. It’s the jewel in patriarchy’s crown.

Men will show us how to woman. They will show us what men expect from women. And we will suck it up or be fired, ostracised, criminalised and silenced.

We need to understand that, if this is their behaviour after a century of women having the vote and 50 years of liberation feminism, if this is the best we can hope for, then equality is a hopeless illusion.

They are not going to change, not in this society, which encourages and reinforces them. *We* will have to change the way we organise ourselves. We will have to decide that we are not male property *at all*, under any circumstances, and take it from there.